Snake Google Unblocked

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Snake Google is an iconic arcade game from the 1970s that has stood the test of time. In homage to the original, Google created a playable version that appears directly in Google search results when you search for “Snake”. Guide a snake around the screen eating food and avoiding walls or crashing into your ever-growing tail.

How to Play Snake Google

Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, D to control the direction of the snake. Maneuver around collecting all the food pellets to increase your snake’s length. Each piece of food makes the snake longer, making it harder to navigate the screen without running into yourself! The goal is to score as many points as possible before crashing.

Gameplay Tips Of Snake Google

Here are some tips for scoring higher in Snake on Google:

  • Cut corners closely without hitting walls
  • Double back to collect all food bits
  • Slow down and plan ahead before turning
  • Use keyboard arrows for more precise directional control
  • Enter “snake” again to quickly restart after crashing

With practice, you’ll be topping the leaderboards in this faithful rendition of the arcade classic! Challenge yourself to beat your high score each time.


Google’s Snake game pays homage to Gremlin Industries’ original while making it readily available for free within any browser search. Have fun competing against friends or yourself in this straightforward yet addictive arcade-style challenge!

You can download App here: